Virtual Reality

Sky High Love

Virtual Reality 360° Movie

My personal take on Steampunk. It’s the 1980’s  meets the 1880’s in this high flying romantic piece.


Programs Used: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Photoshop and After Effects), Maya, Unreal Engine.




Virtual Reality 360° Movie–Thesis Flim

In this fantasy VR film we meet Ellory, a young deer who wants to become a Stag of the Forrest and take part in the Great Hunt.

My senior thesis film for my BFA degree. It was also show cased during University of Central Florida’s Expropy exbition.


Programs Used: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Photoshop and After Effects), Maya, Subtance Painter, Unreal Engine.

Date with Blake

Virtual Reality simulation–Thesis group project

I had the pleasure of working with five other very talented individuals for a senior BFA project. In this simulation you are an observer in a room of a young woman who seems very excited with her up and coming date with a handsome guy,–whose name is–you guessed it, Blake!


My main contribution to the project was as follows: Texturing, UV-ing the main floor and walls, creation of several props (paper receipts, the main book shelf with books.)


Programs Used: Unity, VR tool kit, Maya, Substance Painter, Substance designer.






Crystal Crown

Augmented Reality Facebook Effect

I made a crystal crown filter for Luxoros Sundries, my own personal jewelry line, for both Instagram and Facebook.

Note: This effect will require a Facebook login.


Programs Used: Maya, Spark AR, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop).

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